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Rental Equipment

Aside from porta-pottie rentals, we also have a selection of generators; from quiet 2000W units, to larger 9000W 110V/220V units. For pickup or onsite delivery.  

Mosquito Spraying

As part of our continued commitment to a clean environment, RioView Industries Inc., also provides grounds area spraying for mosquito control. We use a garlic oil based mixture applied to your location to safely reduce the interruption and annoyance of mosquitoes. This is 100% environmentally safe to humans, as well as, pets. Tastes great on steaks too ;)  

Septic Vac Services

We offer septic tank vac services for any application, including all agricultural, commercial, and oilfield applications, including septic tanks, sumps, and external containment units.

RioViewIndustries Inc. 

Portable Toilets

Whether its a wedding or a service rig, we can provide for your needs. We have a number of clean, stocked, and delivered portable toilets. 

Septic Containment Options

We offer a variety of septic containment options including porta potty, tank, tub, or our patent pending bag containment. These options are ideal for any remote project to provide a safe, clean, and sanitary environment for users, onlookers, passerby's, or any one else that might would need facilities to conduct "their business" or come into contact with waste expelled from shacks and trailers.

Our septic containment bags were designed and manufactured to provide both the flexibility of application to adapt to almost any required application in any environment, and also to reduce spills and contamination during handling through the unique built in funnel design that significantly improves the ability to remove virtually all fluid from the bag during vac. Being able to remove more material greatly reduces the chances of spillage causing unwanted and potentially dangerous contact with septic materials.